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Admission Slots

Admission Slots
Degree Program Major Admission Slots Additional Slots
General Admission Special Admission Military Commission North Korean Defectors, Overseas Koreans & Foreign Nationals
TESOL Master’s Degree TESOL Major 48 people 9 people

Application Period

  • 1st Semester: November-December
  • 2nd Semester: May-June

Applications for the 2nd semester of the same academic year will be opened depending on whether slots are available

Application Process

Step 1. Check the Application Guidelines → Step 2. Complete the Application, Personal Statement and Study Plan → Step 3. Pay the Application Fee → Step 4. Submit Required Documents → Step 5. Check Document Acceptance Results → Step 6. Interview → Step 7. Check Final Admission Results

Applicant Requirements

  • 1. Common Requirements
    • Applicants who have earned or are expected to earn a bachelor’s degree from a Korean or international university
    • Applicants who are legally recognized as possessing the equivalent level of education mentioned above (Academic Credit Bank System, self-educated bachelor’s degree holders, etc.)

      In regards to the Academic Credit Bank System, credits will only be accepted if the applicant has received final recognition (proof of bachelor’s degree and transcript) from the National Institute for Lifelong Education Academic Credit Bank

    • Applicants are eligible to apply regardless of their undergraduate major
    • For graduates of universities located overseas, only those from universities accredited in the corresponding country will be eligible to apply. Should a problem be found with this fact even after an applicant has been admitted, their admission to CUFS will be revoked
  • 2. Special Admissions (Socially Disadvantaged Groups)
  • Special Admissions
    Category Requirements
    Economically disadvantaged classes
    • Those belonging to lower income families and recipients of basic livelihood security as of the document submission deadline
    Persons with disabilities
    • In accordance with Article 32 of the Welfare Law for Persons with Disabilities, those with registered disabilities (Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) as of the document submission deadline
    Members of multicultural families living in Korea
    • Foreign nationals who have been married to a Korean citizen for at least 3 years (only those who are permitted under immigration law to study at a Korean graduate school)
    Foreign workers living in Korea
    • Foreign workers who have lived in Korea for at least 3 years (only those who are permitted under immigration law to study at a Korean graduate school)
  • Applicants to whom these apply should indicate so on their application form and must include the appropriate documentation when submitting their admission documents
  • 3. Admissions for Additional Slots (Additional Requirements)
  • For those who meet one of the requirements stated in Article 30 of the Enforcement Decree of the Higher Education Act
  • Admissions for Additional Slots
    Category Requirements
    Military commission
    • Military entrusted students (military commission students) as defined by the decree from the Ministry of Education
    • Soldiers enlisted or working in any branch of military service (army, navy, air force, marine corps) and those who have been recommended by the Minister of Education for their time as a civilian worker in the military
    • Based on Article 4 of the 「Military Commission Regulations」 and the Education and 「Training of Public Officials Act」

      Must apply separately for a recommendation to attend school prior to the school attendance application deadline of each military branch

    North Korean defectors, overseas Koreans & foreign nationals
    • Registered North Korean defectors currently living in South Korea
    • Foreign applicants whose parents are both foreign nationals
    • Overseas Koreans or foreign students who have completed a level of education equivalent to Korean primary and secondary education (including university)

Selection Process

Selection Process
Category Document Interview Remarks
Personal Statement & Study Plan 30% (30 points) -  
Undergraduate Grades 20% (20 points) -  
Interview - 50% (50 points)  
Additional Points 5 points per item (maximum 10 points) - Related majors, official English exam scores, TESOL certification, volunteer language teaching experience in Korea or overseas

Application & Tuition Fees

  • Application Fee: 70,000 KRW
  • Tuition
Application & Tuition Fees
Category Amount Remarks
Course fee 2,900,000 KRW Per 1 semester
Admission fee 500,000 KRW Paid the semester of admission
Total 3,400,000 KRW Amount for the semester of admission


Category Details
Admission Scholarships
  • President’s Scholarship
  • Dean’s Scholarship
  • Truth Scholarship
  • Peace Scholarship
  • HUFS Family ScholarshipEducation
  • Expert Scholarship
  • Official English Exam Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship A
  • Academic Scholarship B
  • Military Scholarship

Education Expert Scholarship: Must be employed in a public or private education institute for at least 1 year (including past experience) or be working in the educational field (including personal business owners and those operating their own teaching facility [private lessons]) / Given that the recipient does not take a leave of absence and enrolls consecutively, they will be eligible to receive benefits until their 4th semester


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