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    Opportunity to Simultaneously Earn a Master’s Degree in TESOL and TESOL Certificate
    Only cyber graduate school where it is possible to simultaneously earn a master’s degree and TESOL certificate online
  • 이미지
    Korean and Foreign Professors Highly Skilled in Education & Research
    Creation of synergy through joint, high quality lectures from Korean and native English-speaking professors
    High ratio of native speaker professors
    Development of education and research capacity through on and offline interaction between professors and students
    Advanced 1:1 support from tutors holding master’s and doctorate degrees in learning management and running classes
  • 이미지
    Systematic Curriculum to Strengthen Capabilities in English Education
    Differentiated English education curriculum that integrates theory and practice
    Cultivation of students’ English teaching skills through video lectures and debates in real time
  • 이미지
    The Latest in Smart Learning & Individually Customized Learning
    Provision of online educational content using the latest multimedia and an individually customized learning environment
    Realization of an efficient online learning environment through the use of a real-time video system
    Establishment of a differentiated mobile campus through the Smart Learning system
  • 이미지
    Colloquiums & Offline Saturday Lectures
    Regular hosting of colloquiums that invite experts embodying the latest trends in English education
    Efficient blended learning through the provision of offline special lectures throughout the semester in conjuncture with online classes
  • 이미지
    A Variety of Programs to Support Students & Early Graduation
    Academic support through diverse scholarships including the Education Expert Scholarship
    Support for participation in international academic conferences, overseas language training and overseas cultural trips
    Comprehensive guidance and advice from academic advisors
    Early graduation program to reduce the required terms of study from 5 semesters to 4
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